Data Destruction



Secured data destruction is a part of our recycling services. Data security is one of the most important issues for our clients. M.O.U. Enterprises understands the importance of protecting our customer’s valuable and proprietary information. In order to insure all data bearing items are unusable and properly destroyed, all data is destroyed with our State of the art DOD and NIST compliant hard drive degausser. M.O.U Enterprises ensures that any client reference on the assets we receive is completely removed and destroyed. This includes client asset tags and other markings. Our data destruction process is reviewed and validated by an independent party periodically.


Data Degaussing: To degauss a hard drive you need an electric magnetic field. When exposed to the magnet the hard drive will be unusable and will not be recognized by the computer. In fact, the erasure is so deep that the factory written servo tracks on the disk platters are also demagnetized leaving no reference points for the read heads to key in on, leaving all of M.O.U. Enterprises customers with a complete peace of mind.